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please note that this list is NOT complete, as i still have over 80 albums left to listen to on my ever-growing list. also please note that i'm not ranking them based on what i think the objective quality of the album is, but rather, how much i enjoyed it/how much i'd like to relisten to it. if it's a masterpiece of music theory but i'm bored off my ass the whole time, it'll be ranked low. sorry!

albums are listed like Title (Artist).

S tier

  1. Matriphagy (Tallah)
  2. When the Kite String Pops (Acid Bath)
  3. Rammstein (Rammstein)
  4. Iowa (Slipknot)
  5. Sehnsucht (Rammstein)

    A tier

  6. The Generation of Danger (Tallah)
  7. Slipknot (Slipknot)
  8. Liebe ist für alle da (Rammstein)
  9. BABYMETAL (Babymetal)
  10. Hellbilly Deluxe (Rob Zombie)
  11. Reborn Superstar! (Hanabie)

    B tier

  12. Hatebreeder (Children of Bodom)
  13. Girl's Reform Manifest (Hanabie)
  14. Mezmerize (System of a Down)
  15. Painkiller (Judas Priest)
  16. Mutter (Rammstein)
  17. Metal Resistance (Babymetal)
  18. A Star-Crossed Wasteland (In This Moment)
  19. Adrenaline (Deftones)
  20. METAL GALAXY (Babymetal)
  21. Ænima (Tool)

    C tier

  22. Persistence of Time (Anthrax)
  23. Hammerheart (Bathory)
  24. Nespithe (Demilich)
  25. Significant Other (Limp Bizkit)
  26. Threat to Survival (Shinedown)
  27. None So Vile (Cryptopsy)
  28. Cowboys from Hell (Pantera)
  29. Master of Reality (Black Sabbath)

    D tier

  30. Still Life (Opeth)
  31. Sleep's Holy Mountain (Sleep)

    F tier

  32. BIMBOCORE Vol. 2 (Scene Queen)