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my goal is to become more versatile as a keyboard player, able to improvise as well as sight read easily. right now i'm working on my sight reading of simple treble clef songs, and i'm practicing improvising by. well. improvising! can't really get better at it any other way! i plan to also practice scales, as key signatures really fuck me up right now.

my ultimate goal for the keyboard is to feel comfortable playing along with a group of other musicians, but i'm not anywhere close to that level yet.


for my clean vocals, i want to increase my belting range and make my belt healthier. i'm performing the solo song I'm Breaking Down from the musical Falsettos over the summer, which is slightly out of my current comfortable belting range, so i need to improve that. right now when i belt that high, i experience strain and quick fatigue; i can only sing that song once before it becomes somewhat painful to continue. however, my overall range goes much much higher than that (up to about an E6 last i checked), i just need to get better at singing notes in songs like this with power. i can hit them quietly just fine but can't hit them loud without pain.

i would also like to pick up the skill of a more jazzy growl on lower notes, which would help for an audition for an upcoming musical my local theater is putting on.

for my harsh vocals, i want to perfect my fry scream. right now, i'm mostly working on my interoception so i can properly close my vocal cords, as is needed to create the distortion. i often accidentally use "vocal fry"/creakiness which is not a healthy way to achieve distortion in a scream. once i can master my control over my vocal cords, i'll be able to get the closure i need to start really screaming in a healthy way. then i can work on the tone/quality of my scream and all of that; right now, i just need the foundation settled.