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fynoldtek is the first ever draft of fynotek, created in early 2021. it is very different from modern fynotek, and not nearly as useable. here's the documentation for it, last edited on january 11th, 2020:


consonants: /p t k m n ɲ ɾ f s x j w ʔ/

cowels: /a e i o u (ə) ɪ/

ɪ is pronounced as ə word-finally and in unstressed syllables, excluding dipthongs


consonants: < p t k m n ñ r f s h j w ‘ >

vowels: < a e i o u y >

capitals are used at the beginning of sentences and for names/proper nouns.


syllable structure: CCVVCC (no CCCC or CCC between syllables)

consonant clusters: non-stop + stop or non-stop + non-stop.

ns + ns clusters cannot be the same consonant twice in a row

diphthongs: any two vowels

grammar + friends

word order: SOV

modifier order: modified - modifier

phrases: expressed through particles at the beginning and end of the phrase. non-verb/noun/modifier phrases are used as modifiers in word order.

questions: all question words (other than what and who) are derived from “saraso” (what) + a preposition. what is the base word “saraso,” and who is its own word, “hofuy.”

verbs: verbs are conjugated for tense and person, making fynotek a pro-drop language. person conjugations are suffixes, and tense conjugations are ablaut.

for example: nomyt (to open) -> nomuta (you might open)