lesson 7: hypothetical tenses (written by ijo Son)

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aanother round of verbs! review lesson 3 if you need it, since this lesson builds on it.

in lesson 3, we talked about four of fynotek's eight tenses. this lesson will cover the other four, and here they are!

you may have noticed that these are the same as the four tenses as in lesson 3, except that these are considered *hypothetical*. you won't be able to use these tenses in sentences until the next lesson, but for now know that these are used when something is uncertain relative to the speaker. here are the situations considered “uncertain” (bolded verbs would be conjugated as hypothetical):

*if you are fully sure that the condition will happen (e.g. “when i finish, i will come”) then do not use a hypothetical tense.

**note: not all open-ended questions use the hypothetical tense, since those are not yes/no questions! you'll learn more about questions in lesson 9.

hypothetical tenses are also used when making commands (e.g. “listen.”).

congratulations! you now know all of the verb tenses and their functions!

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