lesson 4: pronouns

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we’re almost ready to start building basic sentences! first, we need to learn the pronouns. since this part is pretty long, i color coded it, to make it easier to digest.

color coded

colorblind-friendly version, using bullet points instead

the “possessive” part is a shortened form of the genitive form of the pronoun; for example, ñakime in the genitive case is ñakimi, so it is shortened to “-imi.” these suffixes can be put onto possessed nouns. for example, hyrumiy (hyr + umiy) means “my language.”

finally, singular pronouns can be dropped when they are the subject of the sentence. since they are marked on the verb, it’s redundant to keep them; e.g. ñaki fuha means the same thing as fuha (you exist.)

homework (google doc)