lesson 3: verbs

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now that you’ve got nouns down, let’s move on to verbs! ablaut marks verb tense. fynotek marks 8 tenses; here are the basic 4:

(gnomic tense means tenseless/general tense; for example, “the earth is round.” and “she is short.” are both gnomic statements. they’re not just happening in the past, present, or future, they’re just general facts.)

in addition to tense, verbs are marked for the person of the subject.

verbs can be given suffixes in the following order:

finally, much like the “a-” prefix for nouns, verbs can be marked with the prefix “i-.”

congratulations! you now know most of what there is to know about verbs! you’ll learn the more complex tenses in lesson 7.

homework (google doc)