lesson 1: ablaut

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ablaut (changing vowels) is an integral part of fynotek grammar. fynotek ablaut affects the final vowel of a word. there are 7 types of fynotek ablaut:

to summarize: N ablaut changes the last vowel to “n”. if the last vowel is already “n,” it becomes “n” + a similar vowel.

sometimes, after ablaut, words ending in 2 vowels can end up with 3 vowels. For example, “mumiu” through U ablaut creates “mumiuo.” However, as stated in lesson 0, 3 vowels in a row is not allowed. in this case, you drop the first vowel; so, “mumiu” through U ablaut is “mumuo.”

congratulations! you now know all there is to know about Fynotek ablaut!

homework (google doc)