lesson 0: intro

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welcome to the official fynotek course! this course is broken into 10 lessons, each teaching a bit of the grammar and vocabulary. at the end of each lesson (except for this one), there will be a few “homework” questions + an answer key to check your work with. before we get started, let’s review fynotek pronunciation.

fynotek has 6 vowels and 13 consonants: a e i o u y + k p t m n ñ r f s h w l j. with the exception of y, ñ, r, and h, all letters are pronounced as they are in the international phonetic alphabet.

*it is technically allowed to be pronounced as any rhotic as long as it is understandable

2 vowels in a row is pronounced as either a diphthong (two vowels gliding into each other) or consecutive vowels (two vowels pronounced separately). 3 or more vowels in a row is banned.

consonant clusters of 2 or 3 consonants are allowed, but any more than 3 is banned. in addition, plosives (k, p, and t) cannot be next to each other. 2 of the same consonant in a row, like “jj,” is geminated (pronounced for a longer amount of time, like a long vowel.)

if a suffix or prefix would create an illegal sequence, such as “fmutue” + “ak” (uea is 3 vowels in a row, which is not allowed), you add an “n” or an “a” to avoid this. “fmutue” + “ak” = “fmutuenak”.

stress always falls on the penultimate (second to last) syllable of the word.

congratulations, you now know how to pronounce fynotek words! now you’re ready to learn grammar and vocabulary!