fynotek calendars

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fynotek has its own calendar, called salkinatfaa. it runs on a 4-year cycle, with each year having 5 months, each month having 4 weeks, and each week having 7-8 days. the cycle works as so:

year 1

year 2

year 3

year 4

and then the cycle repeats.

the months are laid out like so:

29-day months:

30-day months:

days are 24 hours long and start at midnight, just like in the gregorian calendar.

to say the date, you say the day of the month, followed by the day of the week, followed by the month, followed by the year. the day of the month is [number]rea, the day of the week is [number]jeaj, the month is [number]ñytuh, and the year is [number]tfaa.

for example, christmas 2021 falls on the 1st day of the 3rd month of the 3rd year, 1st day of the week. therefore, it is ayrea ayjeaj usñytuh ustfaa. this can be shortened by typing only the numbers, and separating them with periods, like “”. (remember, fynotek uses base 6, so all shortened numbers should also be in base 6!)

to say the time, simply say [hour] kynsi [minute], [hour]K[minute], or [hour]k[minute]. for example: "us kynsi fo" = "3K2" = "3k2" = 3:02